About Us

MOGUL EDIBLE PRODUCTS LTD” is a venture started with a mission to promote the rich Mogul Traditions with traditional spicy, exotic and delicious food of the sub continent across the world in the most hygienic conditions.

We strive to create the unique identity of our products with the brand MOGUL symbol of quality like the majestic TajMahal a gift of love from a Mogul King, the proud jewel of the Mogul Dynasty.

The Moguls descendants of Chengez Khan, Kublai Khan and the Timurid Dynasty bring in the Mongolian and Iranian touch to the sub continent food. The Moguls brought to the sub continent, tradition, culture, music, architecture and most important the exotic spicy food. This brings in rich tradition and a history marked with excellence.

We engage in the manufacturing, export and local distribution of a wide range of delicious food products to satisfy taste buds of food lovers. We promise to make the Mogul Emperors proud.

We at Mogul Food Industries Ltd. are committed to procure and process quality food in a safe and healthy environment. We produce quality food products to meet all regulatory and international hygienic standards. We select and educate our producers to supply us fresh, quality and hygienic food for our processing. We then process them in our ‘state-of-the-art’ facility that works in compliance with BCSIR and BSTI standards. We equally lay emphasis on regular training to enhance the capability of employees, conducting research and development, investing in the innovative technology for the continuous improvement in the Standard Operating Procedures under the highest hygienic standards

In this fast moving world, not many people have the time to cook according to traditional practices. Hence, our motive is to provide them with quick, ready-to-eat products, while still retaining the nutritional value and flavour associated with fresh food.

We endeavor to provide our clients with palatable products, that hold all the necessary nutrients and are ready to eat or quick to cook and delicious to eat.